Do It For The Tube

Hello today I’m doing it for YouTube. One of the things I like to do is make videos. I’ve shared a few videos so far and posting more soon. 

I love doing Zippo Tricks, I used to smoke and I bought a Zippo lighter. I learned some tricks along the way and decided to make some videos. I’ve always liked learning tricks and doing them. Magicians have me baffled at times and I always like to learn how they do the tricks. Also do them myself if I can learn. I like learning pub tricks to they can win you some money in bets. The first trick I learned was Pants Strike. You can watch the video in the link below. It’s on my YouTube channel and it’s hit over 20k views now. Pretty cool right? 

Zippo Tricks #1 Pants Strike

It’s a pretty easy trick to do and is easy to learn. I’m going to do some more videos  soon and some more tricks. I might even talk on the next video and maybe reveal how it’s done, but then again a good magician never reveals his tricks. 

I’ve also posted videos of my photography and my Ice Bucket Challenge.  

Spring Is Here
Thanks for reading and stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more videos soon. 

Do It For The Tube

I Love My City

Hello happy Bank Holiday Monday, hope you’re all enjoying it even if the weather today isn’t so good. 

We’ve had some good weather lately though and I’ve been out enjoying it and taking some photos of my favourite place Newcastle Quayside and also around Newcastle. I’ve said it before in previous posts that I love this city and lucky to have grown up here. The city is beautiful to look at, I love the Quayside, there’s lots to do and see and the people are friendly. It’s the home of Newcastle United of course who are back where we belong now in the premiership. Let’s not forget the nightlife it’s not voted the party city for nothing. It’s also been voted lately the best place for families to live. 

The Quayside Seaside is back and I’ve managed to go and enjoy the sun there and also visited the Baltic Centre. The Baltic is a contemporary art centre and at the moment the Rodney Graham exhibition is on. He’s an Canadian artist and his exhibition combines works in film and video with an extensive presentation of his photographic images. The Baltic has some viewing platforms with amazing views of the River Tyne which is where I have taken these photos. One platform has a great view of all the nesting kittiwakes on the Baltic, so if you like bird watching it’s perfect for you. If you haven’t visited the Baltic yet the I recommend you do especially if you love art and photography. 

Thanks for reading. 

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I Love My City