My Thoughts On Spider-Man Homecoming 

Hello happy Monday. Yesterday I went to see Spider-Man Homecoming. 

This is the first Spider-Man movie I’ve been   excited to see in a while after a few disappointing movies. The first thing that got me excited was that he was in Captain America: Civil War and Marvel were giving the rights to make a Spider-Man movie. It was Marvels big chance to make a good Spider-Man movie about one of the most famous Marvel characters and most famous superheroes ever. They introduced him in a big way first in Civil War He stole the show in that movie as he showed up stole Captain Americas shield and uttered the now famous line in the movie “Hey everyone.” Mavel got everything right the choice of actor Tom Holland is a great Spider-Man, the best in my opinion, the suit was right and his humour which is a big part of Spider-Man. 

Now came the big test a Spider-Man movie. With his entrance made in Civil War it was time for Tom Hollands Peter Parker/Spider-Man to make his first big movie and make it good. Tom Holland and Marvel have certainly succeeded in making this a big, funny and in my opinion the best Spider-Man movie ever. It has so many elements to this movie. You’ve got the big superhero action sequences, to the friendship and relationships he has with his Aunt May and with Tony Stark his mentor. It has funny moments and is a coming of age story. A young 15 year old boy having these powers and learning to juggle everything in his life. In parts it reminded me of an 80’s teen movie, with some of the music and especially the scene of him running through the gardens with Ferris Bueler playing on tv as he passes through those gardens. Michael Keaton is great as The Vulture and Robert Downey Jr is as always awesome as Tony Stark. I like the fact they made Aunt May younger and cast Marisa Tomei she’s funny and likeable as her. His best friend and relationship they have in the movie is great too and funny to watch. Of course there’s a love interest but there’s no Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane. His love interest in this is a girl in his high school called Liz and maybe Michelle in the next film? There’s a few twists and surprises in the movie which I won’t spoil and some cameos too from Donald Glover and Jon Favareau. There’s some more cameos too but I won’t spoil that either. 

So all in all I was impressed by the movie and think they got everything spot on. This has to be the best Spider-Man movie ever made and Tom Holland the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man too. It’s also one of Marvels best movies too. The movie as a whole felt like a celebration that Spider-Man was home at Marvel and Homecoming is the perfect name for the movie too because he was home where he belongs. So if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting for? Go, no seriously go see it. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading. 

My Thoughts On Spider-Man Homecoming