Autumn 2016

Hello, Autumn is my favourite time of year. October my favourite month of the year. I love all the colours of the falling leaves, the weather isn’t that cold yet and I love Halloween. 

For Halloween this year I went out on the Saturday night, but didn’t get dressed up as it was a bit of a late decision to go out. I was expecting to see a lot of girls dressed as Harley Quinn but only saw about six or seven and one of them was a man ha. It was a good night though and didn’t get home until the early hours of Saturday morning. 

In the Autumn time I normally go out to Saltwell Park and take photos of the scenery, but I have only been a couple of times this Autumn. Some of the photos I’ve posted here are the results of a trip there today. I took a photo of some pumpkins outside of a local supermarket. They had huge boxes full of pumpkins I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many before. I also caught a few good photos of squirrels in the park. I got a good shot of one on a park bench which I liked and have used. Next year I’m going to venture out more and get some more photos, because last year I took a lot more. 

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Autumn 2016