Lead Us Not Into Temptation 

Hello, I’ve been single for a while now and although sometimes I think I would like to meet someone I actually love being single. You’re just free to do what you want and date who you want. 

There’s loads of temptation whether it be on a night out or at work wherever. It’s hard to meet a girl you actually like or who likes you. Sometimes it’s never simple, you can be friends with a girl and end kissing or sleeping with them on a night out and that either makes are breaks that friendship. There’s dating apps that can be good or bad depending who you meet. I’ve had good dates and bad dates from using Tinder. I’m not a fan of it to be honest I’d rather meet someone and see if you click. There’s nothing better when you just click with a girl. Adventures in dating can be fun and I’m always game for a night out so it’s fun meeting new people. There’s always the disappointment of being rejected by a girl you like to which isn’t fun, but you just to roll with the punches. Shy bairns get nowt as the saying goes. If you like someone you’ve got to go for it. What have you got to lose?

One of the problems of being single though is when going out with couples. I’ve recently watched Trainspotting again and the club scene where Renton and other single lads are standing alone dancing looking at girls while there friends are all coupled up is what it’s like. You’re either third wheeling are looking to hook up. That scene totally nails it just like it nails everything in that movie. Also the soundtrack is amazing and the song playing in the club is Temptation, totally fitting and a great song. Watch it here… Trainspotting Club Scene Another problem and danger of going out when you’re in that drunken haze and you feel the need to pull. You sometimes lower your standards and go for anyone like Renton does in that scene. Which can lead to an awkward moment the next morning. Another thing that’s dangerous is Snapchat or your phone in general when you’re out. I always check my phone after a night out to see if I’ve messaged anyone or snapped them. It’s embarrassing but funny reading them back the next morning if you have. 

That’s the single life in the modern world today though, so be careful and smart out there if you can… “Keep us from temptation, lead us not into temptation…” – Heaven 17 Temptation 

Lead Us Not Into Temptation 

Blue Reef Aquarium 

Hello, on Wednesday me and my two children went to the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth . 

We have been before, but it’s been a while so decided to go and they love it. It’s open from 10 am to 6 pm, £10.50 for adults and £8.25 for children under 3’s get in for free. 

It’s got a variety of fish, small reef sharks, stingrays and seals. Also lizards, turtles and monkeys. They do shows too, like the deal show and monkey feeding. My favourite are the sharks I’ve always loved sharks so alwayslike to see them. My son loved the Sharks too and the turtles. My daughter started shouting Nemo and Dorey when she saw the clownfish. 

If you live in or around the area I would recommend paying it a visit. It’s a good little place to visit the kids will love it. 

Blue Reef Aquarium 

Five Guys

Hello, a few months back a Five Guys Burgers restaurant opened in the Metro Centre in Gateshead and then one in Newcastle. I went for the first after the one in Newcastle opened and have been back a few times since. 

I heard good things so decided to go. The first time I went I ordered a bacon double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato sauce. I also ordered small fries and a coke. The burgers are delicious and it’s got to be one of the nicest burgers I’ve ever had. The toppings are also free so you can chose as much as you want. 
The fries are delicious too, I only ordered small fries and you actually get loads. The portions of small fries are actually bigger then other burger chains, so if you’re ordering for yourself just get a small size. If you’re sharing then you can order a bigger size you’ll get enough to share and fill up on. 

The drinks are also refillable so you can help yourself to as much pop as you choice. I ordered a coke but there’s a good selection to choice from. I’ve heard the shakes are nice but haven’t tried them yet, maybe next time. 

So my verdict is the food is delicious and the choice you have is good. It’s more expensive than other burger chains, but the portions and choice you get make up for that. I enjoyed the food and time there so I’ll be going again. 
Have you got any recommendations for good places to eat? Feel free to comment and let me know. 

Five Guys

My Top Ten Of Favourite Movies Growing Up

Hello, I’ve been a fan of movies ever since I was a kid. I loved going to the cinema as a child and I still do now. It’s a good way to escape the world and visit different parts of the world, whether it’s somewhere in our world or a make believe place. The movies I grew up watching as a child in the 80’s and 90’s were great. There’s so many classics ranging from si-fi to action, adventure, comedy and horror. It’s hard to pick a top ten but these are mine.

1. Star Wars

2. Jaws

3. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

4. Back To The Future

5. Ghostbusters 

6. The Goonies

7. Jurassic Park

8. The Karate Kid

9. The Lost Boys

10. The Monster Squad

Star Wars: Star Wars is one of my all time favourite movies that I’ve loved from seeing it as a young child. I became a fan straight away and watched all the movies and had all the toys. When episode 7 came out, I was like a kid again going to see it I was so excited even more than my son and seeing it with him and watching him feel the same way about it as me was awesome. I’ll always be a fan even though the prequels were pretty bad. 

Jaws: Jaws is a classic movie for me, I first saw it at a young age and remember seeing the great white shark fin in the water and that famous music playing and becoming obsessed with sharks from that moment on, especially great whites. There is so many iconic moments in the movie from the one I just described to the famous “We’re going to need a bigger boat.” The moment of the first shark attack which you don’t even see the shark building suspense to when you do. To the moment of Quint gets eaten alive are all great parts of a classic movie. It was the start of the big summer blockbusters and launched Stephen Spielberg’s career.  

The top two are my favourites for the reasons above and the rest I could go on about for ages but I’ll cut it short a bit here. The Karate Kid is one of my favourites because I’m also a big fan of martial arts and was am a big fan of Bruce Lee. The Lost Boys was the first horror movie I ever watched and I loved it instantly. It got me into horror movies and vampires. The other movies are all classics and I’m sure there in most people top ten and there’s other films I watched growing up I love too, but these all stand the test of time for me and can still watch to this day. 

My Top Ten Of Favourite Movies Growing Up

Truly Blessed


Hello, yesterday was Mothers Day and it got me thinking about how lucky I actually am. I have a mother who raised me pretty much by herself after my parents broke up at a young age and my dad wasn’t around. She was always there and although I don’t always show it I appreciate everything she did for me growing up because it’s not easy to raise a child by yourself. 

I’m truly blessed because I’m a father now and I couldn’t of asked for two better children. They’re great children and make me smile and laugh every time I’m with them. I always used to think if I had children I wanted to have a boy and a girl and I’m blessed enough to have that happen. Me and their Mother aren’t together anymore but I’m still a big part of their lives and I always will be. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Whatever the future holds the one thing I know is I’ll always be a proud father and I’ll always be there in my children’s lives.  

Truly Blessed