Choose Life, Choose Vinyl

Hello, A while ago I bought a Crosley Crusier Record Player from work for about £50 with discount and a voucher taken off. Bargain right? 

I’ve wanted a new record player for a while and liked the look of those players so decided to get one. I’ve got to say I love it, it looks good and sounds good. If you want to get a record player and don’t want to spend a small fortune then I recommend getting one. I also bought Prince – Purple Rain soundtrack along with the player as it was there, I’m a fan and have wanted it on vinyl for some time. As a kid growing up in the 80’s I was a fan of Prince and used to have vinyl back then. Being an 80’s kid as was a fan of Michael Jackson and Thriller is a classic so that was one I had to have. I kind of wish I kept the vinyl I had back then and I wouldn’t have had to start a collection all over again. After my first Prince purchase I bought The Stone Roses, Blondie – Parallel Lines and one of my all time favourite film soundtracks Trainspotting limited edition orange vinyl. I love that movie and soundtrack it brings back so many memories of the 90’s and being a teenager. The limited edition orange vinyl comes in orange vinyl form obviously and two records. It looks good and it’s right what people say vinyl sounds better. The soundtrack sounds so good on vinyl. So that was a good edition to my collection and I’ll be collecting more vinyl soon. 

Thanks for reading. 

Choose Life, Choose Vinyl

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