Lead Us Not Into Temptation 

Hello, I’ve been single for a while now and although sometimes I think I would like to meet someone I actually love being single. You’re just free to do what you want and date who you want. 

There’s loads of temptation whether it be on a night out or at work wherever. It’s hard to meet a girl you actually like or who likes you. Sometimes it’s never simple, you can be friends with a girl and end kissing or sleeping with them on a night out and that either makes are breaks that friendship. There’s dating apps that can be good or bad depending who you meet. I’ve had good dates and bad dates from using Tinder. I’m not a fan of it to be honest I’d rather meet someone and see if you click. There’s nothing better when you just click with a girl. Adventures in dating can be fun and I’m always game for a night out so it’s fun meeting new people. There’s always the disappointment of being rejected by a girl you like to which isn’t fun, but you just to roll with the punches. Shy bairns get nowt as the saying goes. If you like someone you’ve got to go for it. What have you got to lose?

One of the problems of being single though is when going out with couples. I’ve recently watched Trainspotting again and the club scene where Renton and other single lads are standing alone dancing looking at girls while there friends are all coupled up is what it’s like. You’re either third wheeling are looking to hook up. That scene totally nails it just like it nails everything in that movie. Also the soundtrack is amazing and the song playing in the club is Temptation, totally fitting and a great song. Watch it here… Trainspotting Club Scene Another problem and danger of going out when you’re in that drunken haze and you feel the need to pull. You sometimes lower your standards and go for anyone like Renton does in that scene. Which can lead to an awkward moment the next morning. Another thing that’s dangerous is Snapchat or your phone in general when you’re out. I always check my phone after a night out to see if I’ve messaged anyone or snapped them. It’s embarrassing but funny reading them back the next morning if you have. 

That’s the single life in the modern world today though, so be careful and smart out there if you can… “Keep us from temptation, lead us not into temptation…” – Heaven 17 Temptation 

Thanks for reading. 

Lead Us Not Into Temptation 

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