Hello, on Thursday I went to see WCPW LOADED at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. 

It’s the first What Culture wrestling show I’ve been to and the card was pretty stacked full of big name wrestling stars. There was Matt Hardy, Bubba Ray, Alberto El Patron, Drew Galloway and Johnny Mundo. Alberto El Patron had a match against Johnny Mundo and it was the best match of the night. After the match he had a promo and it sounds like his next match will be against Kurt Angle. I can’t wait for that match it will be a classic and I will have to go if it happens in Newcastle. The main event had Matt Hardy in a tag team match against Bubba Ray and I won’t tell you who with or the result because it hasn’t aired yet (no spoilers here) but it was a good match. I’ve finally got to see those two wrestle in a match live so I was happy. I grew up watching the Hardys and The Duddleys wrestle in the WWE so that was great to see. 

If you’ve never watched WCPW or been to a show I highly recommend it and you should definitely go see it live. You never know who will turn up. 

Thanks for reading. 


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