Dead Beat Dads 

Hello, this blog has been sat in my drafts  for a while now and I was unsure if I was going to post it or not but now is the time I suppose. 

Last Sunday was Fathers Day and it got me thinking about me being about what it is to be a father and about my relationship, well lack of relationship with my father. I was just a young boy when my Mother and Father got divorced. My Mam raised me pretty much on her own from then on. My father wasn’t around much after the divorce and then wasn’t around at all. I never felt close to my father and never felt like he wanted me around. He pretty much proved that when he never bothered anymore. 

The thing I don’t get is how anyone can just forget about their children and have nothing to do with them? 

No matter how bad things get in a marriage or relationship you should never just give up on your children aswell. I know it’s easier said than done and not everyone has things the same way in life, but if you’re man enough to make a child then you should be man enough to raise a child. I always said that before I had children that I would never be like my father and I will always be there for them. Becoming a dad was the best thing that has ever happened to me. The bond and love I have for my children is strong and I don’t think I could never not be in there lives. Me and my ex have been separated for over a year now for different reasons, but I have stayed true to what I have said about being in my children’s lives. It’s something that will never change no matter what has happened in the past or in the future.

It’s just a shame not all fathers think the same and make the effort. So for all the real Fathers out there keep up the good work. 

Dead Beat Dads 

My Thoughts On TMNT: Out Of The Shadows

Hello, yesterday I took my son to see the new Turtles movie TMNT: Out Of The Shadows. 
We have the first movie on dvd and have seen it a few times now. I’ve been a fan of the Turtles for years I watched the original 80’s cartoon as a kid, read the comics and saw the original movies. It’s cool they’re still around and my son is now a fan too. 

I thought the movie was good and enjoyed it more than the first one as it had it’s faults. The movie takes place after the Turtles defeated Shredder in the first movie and the Turtles are still living in the shadows hiding from the world. April O’neil played by Megan Fox is still a reporter and is investigating The Shredder. She learns of his plans with scientist Baxtor Stockman and his plans to escape from prison. That’s when we get introduced to Casey Jones played by Stephen Amell. He’s part of the transportation detail of The Shredder and becomes the hockey mask wearing, hockey stick wielding vigilante we all know and love. He plays a good part in the movie and would like to see a bit more of his back story in the next movie. We also get introduced to two other characters Bebop played by Gary Anthony and Rocksteady played by WWE superstar Sheamus. You could tell those two relished being in this movie and enjoyed there parts, they were one of the highlights in it for me. 

The good: The scene where Shredder escapes and is chased by the Turtles is a great scene in the movie and fun to watch. The transformation of Bepop and Rocksteady with the help of the ooze and Baxtor Stockman is good too. The part where the Turtles end up in Brazil chasing after Bepop and Rocksteady leads to some great action set pieces and funny moments, yes they all end up in Brazil. Later in the movie we get introduced to The Krang an alien life form intent on invading earth leads to some good scenes. 

The bad: The movie is a little silly and over the top at times but you’ve got to remember it is aimed at children and my son thought it was “AWESOME!” I just wished there was a little more story and actually gave Shredder something to do in the movie because he didn’t do a lot. Strange they changed the actor too. It’s also paced a little fast at times and similar to the first movie. It rushes to the end of the movie a bit where the final battle takes place again up high instead of a rooftop this time it’s on a spaceship which doesn’t last that long. 

All in all its an ok movie and if your a fan of the Turtles I would recommend seeing it. Your kids will love it. 

My Thoughts On TMNT: Out Of The Shadows