Rest In Purple

Hello, earlier today I got home from work and had a scroll through Instagram. I started scrolling and got to Travis Barkers post. It was a photo of Prince and when I read the caption I couldn’t believe it. Prince had passed away. I was genuinely shocked and couldn’t believe it, it was so out of the blue. This year has been a bad year for celebrity deaths. We’ve already lost, Alan Rickman, Lemmy and David Bowie. 

Ever since I first heard Prince’s music as a kid growing up in the 80’s I loved it and instantly became a fan. Purple Rain is one of my all time favourite songs. He’s made so many other great songs like When Doves Cry, Rasberry Berret, Little Red Corvette, Kiss, 1999 and all the songs from the Batman 1989 soundtrack which I love. His contribution and influence in music is massive and you can still see that influence now. 

It’s been a sad day for fans and the whole of music. Rest in purple Prince you will be missed, but the music lives on. 

Thanks for reading. 

Rest In Purple

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