The Blog About Resolutions 


Hello, I decided to make some resolutions this year, as I a rule I don’t normally make them because let’s be real who keeps them? Last year I made a few and I think I kept one or two. This year I’m going to keep to them because they are things I actually want to do. 

The first one is to read more. There is a lot of of books on my to read list and it’s time to start ticking them off. I have a habit of starting to read a book putting it down and never getting back to it. I have about five books I’m in the middle of reading now and I’m determined to finish them. I’ve just joined Goodreads and set myself a reading challenge which will help me in this. My Goodreads profile if you wish to follow my progress. 
Any one who knows me knows me knows I’m a fan of James Dean so I’m currently reading books about him and I’m about half way through The Mutant King. It’s a good read and if you’re a fan then I definitely recommend it. I’ll be posting the James Dean books I read and things I like over on my Instagram so have a look. 

Another resolution was to cook more. I never really cook much with working full time and being busy but I’ve decided when I have the time I need to learn to cook more things instead of just putting something in the oven out of the freezer. This month I have been cooking more than normal and I’m going to continue with this and learn to cook new things. It’s always good to learn new things and it helps impress the ladies. 

Other resolutions I want to keep are to keep up with my photography, keep fit and travel more. This year is the year when I will stick to my resolutions. 

The Blog About Resolutions 

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